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The Casa de Dom Inácio    |

Official Casa Photograher Karen Kleffler Karen has a very powerful and insightful historical photo presentation of the entities, Medium Joao and other fascinating tidbits that embraces "the spirit of the casa".

The Healing Center Online

The Three Tree Retreat

A Radiant Life Center

Zero Point Delray Beach Florida

Shekinah Elysiumgates

Nature's Emporium
8041 W. Sample Road Coral Springs, Florida

Connect to your soul, claim your voice and ignite your passion

Art by Liz Martin

Rose Hunt
Animal Channeling
She has opened to their gifts and now uses her connection with the animals to channel the wisdom and love from the Earth's creatures, both great and small, to human beings.

Sally Baldwin - Medium Channel
Sally has dedicated her life to connecting with the spirit realm to bring forth messages of enlightenment.

Sally's Foundation