Visualization Exercises for the Violet Flame

The effect in the mind, body, being and world of the individual, who uses the Violet Consuming Flame, is to purify all the substances and energy in all his bodies--mental, emotional, and physical. It quiets the whirls of vibratory action in the emotional body, dissolves the impurities in the flesh, and consumes the wrong thought patterns in the mental body. In this way, he establishes habits of constructive thinking, feeling, and speaking.

To Use The Violet Consuming Flame

Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame rushing through your feet, in, around, and through the physical body, then up though the Higher Mental Body, filling the outside of your tube of Light first, then your electronic Circle. See and feel always within that Violet Consuming Flame the Spiral Blue Flame constantly cutting away all substance within the body, mental and feeling world and your atmosphere, which has been qualified with discord. You will find this brings a much more rapid dissolving and consuming of the substance through which discord has been allowed to act.

To Release the body from all excess substances, all wrong chemical action, and all substance that is out of balance: Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame passing through the physical body. Stand there a few minutes, feeling as deeply as you can Its Rushing Presence through the flesh and around you, for a radius of three feet in every direction. Within that, see Saint Germain's Spiral Blue Flame whirling with great intensity. See all excess substance, appearances, and records of age, strain, distress, and limitations; impurity, discord, or struggle disappear!

As you flash the Violet Consuming Flame and watch the Spiral Blue Flame within, see all substance within the body which is not pure, free, and self-luminous and as beautiful as that Higher Mental Body, pass out the top of the head through that Violet Consuming Flame, just like smoke or a shadow! See that substance pass off, and you stand forth blazing in Its Sparkling Qualities.

As you keep this held for some distance around you, It will keep consumed anything that might have been drawn to you through your attention being held upon something which was discordant.

If you call the "Mighty I AM Presence" into action, It will produce that Violet Consuming Flame under your feet, your chair, or the Bed wherever you are; and if you will qualify It to be Externally Sustained, you will but need to remind yourself at least twice a day that It is in operation to have the greatest results. That will take care of the accumulation you have created throughout centuries.

Then in your application, to have results more quickly, watch your feeling and see that it follows your attention upon what it rest. It is magnificent! It cannot fail and never did in the entire Universe. If it did not produce results either you are not using the Violet Consuming Flame to keep dissolved your own human accumulation which comes forth, or your feeling is not following your attention.

In solving problems, The Violet Consuming Flame Does not resent, hate, or rebel against conditions. It consumes them; while if you enter into a condition with a feeling of injustice about it, you would resent it and that would tie it to you longer.

If you are going to be free, you have got to use the Sacred Fire; and the Violet Consuming Flame in Its Great Merciful love and Its Eternal Purity is truly the Scepter of God’s Blessing to the Earth.