Tour of the Casa of Dom Inácio - John of God Spiritual Healing Center by Susie Verde


Susie Verde's story, in her own words, about her experience with John of God - Joao de Deus.


Interview with John of God by Susie Verde with SUB TITLES

TESTIMONIAL Matthew Ireland

As seen on ABC Primetime, Matthew defied the odds and made a complete recovery from stage 4 inoperable brain cancer.

Matthew Ireland - An Inspirational Story 

Surgery and Pills Couldn't Help Me

Howard had a dreadful accident involving a full force to the head. His neck was severely damaged and nerves crushed. He was in bed more or less for 9 years. Now he is fighting fit and well.



Margaret has been helped with heart trouble and cancer.



Norm Maxwell Professional rugby player Norm from New Zealand had no time for injuries, and he received far more than just healing from the physical.


I Do Not Heal, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God

Part 2


Part 3


ABC Primetime John of God - João de Deus